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These are my absolute favorite songs! If you want to analyze my taste in music this is the best way to do it.

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Equal Pay Day: Because women are prone to make stupid decisions

I fucking hate Apple!

I fucking hate apple right now as the invisible shield I put on to protect the screen of my iPad mini had dust and hair underneath on the sticky side so I threw it away throwing away $30 I spent on the fucking thing.

Now I have to buy another Griffin Survivor case which costs $60 as it comes with a screen protecter built in which I cut off my current one as it did not play well with my original screen protecter I had geek squad put on.

I just want my ipad to remain in pristine condition for as long as I have it. But why then do I hate apple? Well it’s not just Apple but all smartphone and tablet companies. Why the fuck do I as the consumer have to buy all these things to protect my $400 investment in my ipad?

You don’t see people buying protecters and cases for their cars so why should we allow companies to get away with charging so much for their tech that they themselves design to be fragile and easily dirtied?

Also in the same vein why the fuck do I feel like I am the only sane person in this world as I feel like I need to personally make ALL of the world’s tech because only I am extremely anal about this stuff?

This is weapons grade nostalgia, I remember playing the crap out of this game as a kid. Good times, Good times. After watching this video I wanted to cry for how much nostalgia I was experiencing. If you ever wanted to see this bearded man cry just come over to my hose and have me play jump start 1st grade. I will cry tears of happiness all over my desk! (Go to 3:11 for the game I played).

Apr 5



At the 4:38 second mark Laci Green basically says that if you are sufficiently famous or powerful, all sex that you have is rape based on coercion. She is fucking insane. Please don’t let her get away with this.

Apr 4


False Rape Accusations Are Real 

The common feminist line that false rape accusations never happen or rarely happen doesn’t really hold up under scrutiny. 

What I think of (a) sexuality

"Sexual arousal is not attached to the desire to have sex with someone." - Lacy Green.  BULLLLLLLLLSHIT!!!  That is exactly what it is, and why it was evolutionary made. To me, if you identify as (a) sexual you are saying you are non-human, and non-biotic as one of the requirements to be apart of a biologic species you have to mate with another of your species to pass on the genes from one generation to the next. 

I will never be convinced that (a) sexuality exists because the one fact that sex is why we exist. Would this (a) sexual douche exist if his parents did not have a sexual attraction to one and other thus leading to a pregnancy? Of course not. All organisms reproduce in one way or another. Maybe not through sex, but through other means. Either way the genes do get passed on from parent to child. Sex is as much apart of being human as breathing and I as a registered progressive democrat believe this PC culture has gone to far when it starts accepting people who slowly get rid of things that makes us human. 

Watch, next thing is going to be a wave of people that don’t like to eat, drink, and/or breathe!

How I feel about homework

“Every education system on Earth has the same hierarchy of subjects: at the top are mathematics and languages, then the humanities, and the bottom are the arts.”
“Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not — because the thing they were good at at school wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatized.”
“We are educating people out of their creative capacities.”
“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” — Ken Robinson
I completely agree with Ken Robinson that creativity is highly important. But I go a little further as I recommend that we transition to a education system with NO homework, NO standardized test, and NO required classes. Scandalous I know as its a revolutionary idea but "Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." - Barack Obama.
I know that I will be stigmatized for this belief but I believe what I am chasing to be the correct answer and unless you have some good hard damming evidence otherwise I will not falter in my belief. As this anti-homework notion stems from this one question; why is it that more and more evidence shows that our ancestors were physically and mentally healthier than we are today? I believe the answer lies in the fact that they lived according to how human-beings evolved to operate. Humans did not evolve to be shoved into a classroom. Thus it makes sense that a majority of high-school students are dropping out as the entire system in america is crumbling around us. Because it does not allow for humans to behave and learn as we are meant to.

Humans are not robots we cannot learn through wrote memorization. Just because a hard-drive works that way does not mean the human brain does. Human brains are biological not mechanical thus we have to teach to biology not as if we were machines in an industrial education assembly line. 

In closing I call for an end to homework, standardized tests, and required classes. 
Feb 9

Transgender Teen wins a long battle for basic human right

The Media Nerd’s Comment:

I am sorry but I don’t believe people are actually transgender. I do believe that transgendered people believe them self’s to be such, but I am a skeptic. I believe there are two genders for human beings. If you born a boy, you are a male. If your born a girl you are a female. This is because that system has helped human beings survive and thrive up and till this point.

Any other country or any other point in time and these people would be classified as insane and put into some sort of mental hospital. To which I agree with as physically they are one gender but mentally they are another. Which means all of this hullabaloo is all a because this man’s (thats right I said it) brain is wired wrong.

If you need an example still of why I believe that there is only two genders. Say for example I took all the trans people and put them on the remotest island I can find. How long do you think it will be until the the “trans-women” with penises accept they are men and vice versa for the “trans-men”? Once they realize its their only choice to survive is to procreate I bet.

PS: I am not a right winger saying this. I am a registered democrat who believes in human rights. I am also an atheist who is skeptical of everything I hear. Which is why until I see some facts before me like that trans-women can naturally with no assistance produce estrogen and fertile eggs I am not going to be convinced that “trans-women” are women. Vice versa for the “trans-men”, if they cannot naturally produce testosterone than they are not a man. 

But if the people opposing me can provide scientifically provable evidence that backs up your claims, not just emotional arguments than by mother nature I swear I will change my entire opinion on the matter.