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Holy shit thats a big treat!

Holy shit thats a big treat!






The 911 Call

The Police Video

The Cell phone video (at bottom)

This is the problem with Predominant Aggressor Polices.

Not enough notes

hey no one got arrested during the domestic dispute at my house -.-

Not every state has mandatory arrest laws. Arizona does however.

How could anyone not see that it was deliberately put in such a way as to force police to arrest abused men?

This time we have a serious topic about one of the important aspect of YouTube! Should the comment system be disabled! 

Woman Drowns After Police Threaten to Arrest the Men Who Were Rescuing Her

An Open Letter to Emma Watson


Dear Emma Watson,

I was not raised a celebrity. I can say that my life has been very different from yours. I am a woman living in America. I have not attended a fine University like Brown as you did. I have known abuse, I have been molested. I have known hardship and…

Because saying we need to “teach men not to rape” is as absurd as saying we need to “teach black people not to steal.” Blaming a whole group for the actions of a few is wrong, no matter who you are talking about.

- Anonymous (via why-we-dont-need-feminism)


Partially inspired by this discussion.
I can never stop being amazed at how feminists will assume to know the desires, motivations, and very thought processes of men, often better than the men who have them, and will proceed to dictate to those men how wrong they are about their own thoughts, feelings and reasoning.


Partially inspired by this discussion.

I can never stop being amazed at how feminists will assume to know the desires, motivations, and very thought processes of men, often better than the men who have them, and will proceed to dictate to those men how wrong they are about their own thoughts, feelings and reasoning.

How in the everliving fuck have you not been completely destroyed by us femenists? (I'm not here for that, I don't attack based on people's views in life, but DAMN.)





Because I post enough to get people’s attention, but I don’t post anything inflammatory enough to get *everyone’s* attention.

And on top of that, Feminists are notoriously shitty debaters, so they aren’t exactly hard to beat.


Also, because the facts support anti-feminist policy in every single case. It’s easier to stand up to a million lies than it is to defend against a single truth. If feminism had something - anything, really -  going for it then anti-feminism could not flourish at all.

That too. 







[sighs deeply]

She says she is all for body positivity and loving yourself more and thinks girls ought to be treated better.

But I forgot that feminists don’t give a shit what you believe, just what you call yourself.

No, feminists are just fucking tired of feminism being a dirty word that people associate with hating men, and when people believe and preach the same things that feminism is yet say they are not a feminist they are legitimizing and giving value to the idea that feminism is not about those things and that’s REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.

Your username suits you very well.

Feminist is not a dirty word.

- Number 2

You know, I decided to follow this blog a few months ago, hoping that it would actually live up to its name.

But most of what I’ve seen has been essentially the same as above. Acting as though people don’t have legitimate reasons to be against Feminism. And acting like people are wrong when they associate Feminism with man-hating, as if there hasn’t been a track record of it within the movement since day 1.

You’ve done very little “calling out bad feminism” and a whole lot of acting like Feminism isn’t responsible for the horrible things that it has done.

Feminism is a dirty word. And Feminists have nobody but themselves to blame for that.


Why is Feminism Such a Dirty Word: Part 1

(all credit goes to justfeministhings)

I have one simple question…

Why is there a growing population online and offline of zero skepticism? Healthy skepticism as a practice is dying and dying fast in the new generations. I can clearly show this in the huge adoption rates of new age feminism for example. Everyone is just eating this shit up without questioning it, and if you do question it than you might as well have raped new-born’s because you are the devils spawn you fucking feminist questioning rape apologist! 

I am just sick of reading, watching, and/or listening to people blindly regurgitating the same old arguments that have been proven false multiple times. Without once even hinting at the idea of questioning these arguments. Like when teens react did their episode on the new song anaconda. Every fucking teen kept going on and on about rape culture and other feminist mambo jumbo without once going “hey now that’s a stupid idea because it does not match reality”. Or showing any sign of being able to independently think. When I was watching that video I did not see human beings, I saw robots thinking and saying what they were programmed to think and say. To be human is to have the ability of independent thinking. Being able to come up with your own ideas is being human. Regurgitating ideas is being a robot. 

Feminism is slowly winning because with the decline of skepticism comes the incline of ideas and thought not challenged in any way. Which is the only way feminism could win. If the mass populace challenged feminism’s ideas they would fall and feminists would have already hurried off into obscurity. But the mass populace is physically and mentally lazy so skepticism is out and spoon feed Ideas are in. Welcome to the new age of america!

Watch the the media nerd Epicly fail at SCP Containment Breach!


Internet feminists: “Hypocrisy what is that some sort of greek dish?” 



I am planning on doing a video response to this but for now here is my written response:

Dear Mr. Repzion:

I am the feared kind you talk about in this video as I do believe children should have access to porn. Which in turn makes you believe that any children I have under this belief will have major problems to deal with. First off may I ask you for your PHD in child psychology? Oh you don’t have one of those, then how is it that you KNOW porn is bad for children if this knowledge just comes from what you believe and what society has taught you? 

For you see repzion we are on equal ground as we both do not posses the professional merits to be able to claim legit knowledge of this topic. Its just we are opposite sides. You coming from the majority view of sex and porn which states that sex and porn is some sort of evil force. Where as I come to this topic of sex and porn from a natural view point. 

My view on sex as a whole is thus. Sexuality is fundamental to a biological organisms life. Without sexuality and reproduction via two different genders than a organism can not be called biological as it passes its traits from one generation to the next in another way. For us humans we are very much a biological species thus its not surprising for the human brain to wire its self to be “addicted” to sex and sexuality. In the same way that the brain wires its self to be “addicted” to eating, drinking, breathing, and anything else it needs to be “addicted” to, to survive and thrive.

With my view on sex it leads me not to be surprised when members of our species show sexual traits with out even knowing what is going on. For example when a fetus in its mother’s womb is caught on ultrasound masturbating. That does not surprise me because sex and sexuality is a instinct in our subconscious. Which is why virgins who don’t know the first thing about sex still somehow know that the penis goes into the vagina and the man is supposed to do a up and down pumping motion until the mans sperm enters the inner parts of the vagina and gets the woman pregnant. 

To come full circle I will now answer the question as to why porn in my view is completely appropriate for children? This is because in my view sex and sexuality is appropriate for children. For you see repzion children are only mentally scared by sex because of the placebo effect. Society tells them in subtle or sometimes overt ways that sex is wrong and they should grow up to be ashamed of there naturally sexuality. Thus the children become sexual repressed and there brains start losing sanity because of the mixed signals from what their instincts say and what society says. 

Porn is just human sexuality being preformed in front of a camera. That is all it is. If I record my self talking that is a “vlog”, but if I record my self in the same environment masturbating than its a “porno video”. Which I cannot see how one is “acceptable” for children and the other is not as both videos depict a human being, being a human being. 

At the end of the day I have completely destroyed all sense of shame when it comes to my sexuality and I accept my sexual desires as normal and rational. Repzion you still have shame towards sex and sexuality which is the root problem with our disagreement. One party is not ashamed of his and his species sexuality, the other party is ashamed of his and his species sexuality. Which is why I feel so sorry for the children YOU may raise in the future.

PS: The root story for where all of my opinions come from is when I was ten years old and within a two day span found out by my self about internet porn and masturbation. Nearly everyday since I have “enjoyed” porn. So yes I am a porn “addict”, but I view my addiction in the same way as people are “addicted” to movies, television, games, breathing, eating, ETC. My “addiction” is only bad depending on your point of view. If you accept the american society’s point of view of sex than yes my addiction is very bad, but if you come at sex from a natural point of view than my “addiction” is near non existent as it just stems from the human brain enjoying something it self wired its self to enjoy. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

The Media Nerd

Howdy, The Media Nerd. I’m not MrRepzion, but a student procrastinating on her studies. 75% of the time I find MrRepzion to be a complete twat, but I somewhat agree with him on this point.

Having grown up in a religious environment where sex was considered the ultimate evil and my dad would smell my hands when I got home to make sure they didn’t smell like semen, I am 10000% on board with teaching kids, at an appropriate age, that sexuality is a natural thing one shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Porn should not be a substitute for sexual education, nor should it be coupled with it, not because sex is evil, but because porn is highly unrealistic in both the sense of standards of beauty and the way sex actually should happen. I mean, mechanics wise, they’re doing it right, but when one actually has sex, it actually isn’t solely about a man getting his rocks off in a forceful rigorous manner. It’s this normalization of violent, aggressive sex that leads to sexual violence.

It’s not the fact that people are having sex on film that is distasteful so much as the content put out by porn industries, an industry full of abuse as well.

How many condoms do you see in pornos? How often do you hear the stars asking each other if what they’re doing is ok or if their partner even likes what’s going on?

Sex education needs to focus on teaching safety, consent, and communication, not on men ramming their penises wherever they please because women are vaginas with legs.

Before I get to my reply I want to say thank you for being calm and rational about this as it is way to easy to start yelling “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” at me.

Now I want to point out that I agree that porn on the professional level is unrealistic. Everyone in the professional porn industry from as far as I have seen admits this. Even the porn stars admit that when they have privet sex with their lovers that they go by what feels good and not what looks good. Which yes there is a distinction between the two. What looks good on camera may not be what actually feels good in reality.

I also agree that sex education should teach children real sex and not fake sex. In reality you NEED to where condoms and practice safe sex. In porn both are not required for two reasons. One its a fantasy thus logic does not apply. Second there is an entire studio backing up that film and making dam sure everyone is safe because they are employees after all.

My main point about porn is that porn should be treated and judge as just another piece of media. No one is claiming that Hollywood movies are realistic either but no one is ashamed about seeing one as well. Its just a piece of entertainment which is what porn is to me. Just something else to entertain me and keep me from getting bored. 

So in my original piece was I claiming porn should be used as a “sex education” tool? No just like I was not claiming any piece of unrealistic media should be. But what I was claiming was that sex and sexuality as a whole should not be “inappropriate” for children, and something to be ashamed of as an adult.

To steal a quote: Good night and Good luck

The Media Nerd