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Bill Maher Rails Against Militarized Police Culture in Outstanding Monologue

Fun fact america does NOT have an “official” language. This fact goes out to every american I hear saying to foreigners “learn some god damn English!” Source:

Fun fact america does NOT have an “official” language. This fact goes out to every american I hear saying to foreigners “learn some god damn English!” 


RE: #LikeaGirl byThunderf00t

provides another devastating point, this video is an amazing reply to this whole mess.

How to Train your Dragon 2 - Video Review by The Media Nerd

This film, How to train your dragon 2 is another film in my growing list of films that are so good, they exemplify why I want to be a filmmaker.

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Batman Arkham Asylum - Video Review by The Media Nerd

The Media Nerd gives us his review of what he considers to be one of if not the best superhero video games of all time, Batman Arkham Asylum!

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Mortal Kombat Remix!


Batman Arkham City - Video Review by The Media Nerd

The media nerd is back again with the (currently) final part of this batman arkham retrospective, this week is of course arkham city! 

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Awesome video that makes me feel better that my phone can only talk and text. I have to be home to get on social networks. Meaning when I am out of the house I am experiencing life, and not a walking, social networking, hunchback who can’t put down their phones. I love technology, I am a geek after all. But even I admit people use technology too much, and maybe should learn responsibility and maturity with technology.

My defense of Couples in Anime (Using NaruHina as an Example)


Difference is, in the original naruto anime. The show made a point of showing hinata’s feelings for naruto. It was known that she LOVED him from the very beginning. Its not a fan shipment when the show actively supports said shipment. Its just the writers being lazy and worrying that if they get the couple together than the entire story would fall apart and there could possibly be no more conflict. Because you know when minato got together with kushina nothing exciting ever happend in their lives after that.

I recently saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 and in that movie the main character has been dating his now fiance for about the last five years since the ending of the last movie. Thats how you do it, just have the two together and move on with your story.

You can still have conflict and action with the two being together, and it would add another dynamic to the show. As especially with shippuuden it deals with naruto growing up and becoming an adult. Balancing his ninja life with his life with hinata would definitely show how much he has matured.

Which is why I read “The Naruhina Chronicles” on deviantART because it gives me exactly that. I have read from page 1 to the current page of 3274, because the naruhina story matters that much to me. Whereas in contrast I have watched 14 episodes of shippuden and probably never going to watch the show even if naruto and hinata get together, because it’s now way too many episodes I would have to watch to get to that point.

I don’t mean to come off as rude or anything. It just bothers me that the Otaku’s of the world let this happen time and time again. When in fact we should stand up and let the anime/manga writers know that they can couple their characters up without fear of destroying the story. You can have characters dating in the filler episodes and then resume their normal action filled lives in the arch based episodes. Dating shouldn’t mean an end to a character’s story, it should be an exciting beginning of their transition from child to adult.

President Obama is requested to announce the establishment of a White House Council on Boys and Men, parallel to the White House Council on Women and Girls. This request flows from a group of thirty-four national-class scholars and practitioners led by Dr. Warren Farrell.

The Commission states that America’s boys and men face profound crises in various areas in life. Men have lower rates of college education, higher rates of suicide, and have far less public health services available, all when compared with women. One of every five men 25 to 54 is not working. If these symptoms are ignored, and our sons see the “end of men” as their future, they will have little inspiration for life’s journey.

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