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My rant on Anita Sarkeesian during my podcast!

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A lacy green video I agree with, I know, shocking!

My response:

I am not officially a nudist, but I do support the culture as I do find it stupid to be against nudism and nudity. To hate the nudist lifestyle is to hate being human, to hate our own skin which we are born with. I feel pissed off that its not my choice to wear clothes but something that is forced on me by society because some religious people years ago started to claim that being naked is to be an “animal” (which BTW human-beings are animals, we are apart of the same ecosystem that dogs, cats, and cows are).

To me there is nothing wrong with being naked, and the “shock” I would receive after seeing someone naked would go away after I got used to it, like any other new mental stimulus. Also before you ask yes I am in favor of legalized nudity everywhere no mater what!

Their high horse is more like a dwarf mare whose legs and back have buckled under the sheer weight of their combined bullshit.

Climate change is boring - Video by Veritasium

Have your voice heard at the UN Climate Summit in NYC, September 23:

A 20-year-old college student in Kennesaw, Georgia recorded a violent, anti-gay ‘intervention’ that his family conducted, video of which has gone viral, netting more than 2 million views on YouTube and pulling in donations and messages of support from all over the world.

Racism alive and well in america. BTW, this was filmed in a state where it is illegal for a cop to ask for identification unless they have evidence the person may have committed a crime. Thus what the cops did here was unjust and illegal, yet they get to walk free because “America fuck ya!”?

I have already addressed these “myths” in other posts so I will respond in another way.

I think I’d call myself a Gender Egalitarian. I support equal rights for both genders.

I want stay at home fathers to be respected and normalized. I want rape cases to drop and even out to target men and women equally, and the same for murder cases. Women shouldn’t be cat called and men’s genitals shouldn’t be mutilated in infancy. Etc. Equality should be had on both sides, as much as possible.

In this video, Feminism is defined as “The belief in gender equality: political, economic, and social.”

It’s then said that while 82% of Americans believe in gender equality, only 20% are identify as feminists. It’s then questioned why there’s such a difference between those figures.

I would say that the issue is that the given definition doesn’t match the day to day working definition of Feminism. I think feminism is usually seen as a belief in women’s rights, political, economic, and social. Even the name suggests promotion of one gender.

Obviously the movement has done a lot of great things. There was one gender that really needed promotion, and feminism helped make it happen. That’s awesome. I wouldn’t say the feminism’s time has necessarily passed, since there’s still work to do. There are a number of issues the movement faces now though.

1. Feminism seems primarily concerned with women’s rights. A movement specifically to advance women’s rights is fine. Women have historically had more rights they needed to fight for, and I’d say there are still more women’s rights issues to worry about. 

2. Feminism seems to blame “Patriarchy” for almost all of the problems. That’s often treated as meaning that men are collectively responsible for all of the problems. I suspect that a lot of people hear that and sour to the idea of feminism.

3. Also, many modern people who identify as feminists use it as a reason and framework to go around being jerks to people or get attention instead of continuing the good work of the actual movement.

If Feminism was a cohesive unit that could make such changes, I’d suggest that they do a little re-branding. Get a new, gender neutral name that better reflects an inclusive nature for the group. They could also rephrase and rename patriarchy theory so that people don’t so often (wrongly, I think) interpret it as “Everything bad is men’s fault.”

Or feminism could keep being what it is, and working for women’s rights specifically. That’s also fine, but it means there will be a lot of people who are for equal rights, but aren’t interested in identifying with a group that’s promoting the rights of just one gender.

Finally, some actual news reporting of male domestic violence victims! If Lisa Ferguson keeps this up then I can check her off of my “radical feminist” list. Because she at least shows in this video that she does in fact care about male victims of female perpetrated crime. Instead of doing the normal thing radicals do which is to try very hard to keep women on a pedestal and blame men for their abuse.

Kudos to Lisa for acknowledging male victims of domestic violence. I’ll be honest, when I first heard Lisa talk about her new “Gender Gap” series I thought it would be more of the same women’s advocacy in the form of “feminism” while largely ignoring men’s issues. Despite the fact that many statistics surrounding male domestic violence haven’t been included in this video, acknowledging it is a good first step. Hopefully more videos like this will come from the series. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Lisa keeps up the research and doesn’t rely on recycled and refuted statistics from the 90’s like many others who shall go unnamed do. This is a good start.

I was a Gamer as a child, I am a Gamer now, and I will die a Gamer.

- The Media Nerd in response to game’s journalists wondering if the term “Gamer” is dying out.

Support The Owen/Aurini Team creating The Sarkeesian Effect

Now this is something I can get behind! :)


WTF - A petition to black out Steam for an hour to combat online sexism in gaming

I know alot of people in my life who would love this drink! Sadly enough *sigh* :(

The Media Nerd and friends welcome you to another fantastic roundtable discussion.

Thank you for sticking up for men. They're just SO under-represented in positions of power [/s]

I don’t stick up for men because I have too. I was a feminist for five years (until January of 2013), and I believed in feminist theory. I know all about how men control all of western society. The reason I fight against contemporary “tumblr feminists” today instead of siding with them like I would merely two years ago. Is because I have woken up to the fact that there are issues on both sides of the gender line.

Men even though they have full political and economic power still do face problems. (IE, what would best be described as discrimination in family courts, prostate cancer not being taken as seriously by the vast populace as breast cancer is, men being harassed and called sexist misogynists just because how we are hard-wired at birth to like the sight of an attractive female, etc). Both genders do face problems and I do care about them. But unlike “tumblr feminists” who claim to care about both genders problems because the dictionary says so, I put my money where my mouth is. I donate to prostate cancer and breast cancer funds, I sign petitions fighting for either genders rights, etc.

I could go on and on. But the point is the reason why I am so mean towards contemporary feminism is because I feel a little betrayed by a movement I spent a lot of energy helping.

In the end I am an enemy of feminism not women. Feminism is an idea and a group, women are a gender. You can be anti-one without being anti-the other.

PS: have a good day :)